Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the Run...

Last Saturday Haley participated in her first 12K in Spokane, WA! Here is a little re-cap of her experience:

I participated in Bloomsday May 6th.  It was my first experience not only with Bloomsday itself, but an organized run as well.  This year there were over 48,000 participants that lined the downtown streets of Spokane for the 12K run.  As I was climbing Doomsday hill, a long hill about 5 miles into the race, I experienced something that made the whole trip worthwhile.  I was running up the hill but may better be described as crawling thinking to myself that the hill would never end.  I was contemplating walking on and off thinking I was so tired.  About half way up the hill cheering got loud and I looked up to see to my left a gentleman in a wheelchair 100% focused on making it to the top of the hill.  His face alone was inspirational as his determination was very apparent, but then I noticed his entire arms and back was covered in blood.  It was apparent that he had wrecked earlier in the race but that wasn’t enough to stop him.  I instantly felt ridiculous for feeling sorry for myself as I climbed Doomsday, and felt more compassion for this amazing individual.  I am sure he wasn’t just an inspiration to me, but the other 48,000 participants as well!

Don’t forget the 3 Rivers Race is coming up in La Grande on June 2nd! It has something for everybody including a 10K for runners and walkers, a half marathon for runners and family bikers and a 70 mile and century bike ride for teams and individuals. In addition to great food and entertainment waiting for you at the end prizes will be given out for money raised, and first place individuals and teams. Maybe you will get to see Haley in action on June 2nd!